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  • The Belomorkanal Cigarette is a new Russian brand of discount cigarettes that was introduced to commemorate the construction of the white Sea-Baltic canal, abbreviated as a "Belomorkanal" in Russian. They are considered to be one of the strongest cheap cigarettes in Europe. Belomorkanal Cigarette has its own history. Shortly after the canal was completed, a new Russian discount cigarette, Belomorkanal, was introduced and became one of the most popular brands in Russia. Belomorkanals are a traditional Russian papirossi cheap cigarette constructed with about 3 to 4 cm of tobacco and a long paper cylinder holder. Papirossi cigarettes have no filter and have high tar content. Before World War II, papirossi discount cigarettes were practically all that was available to Russian smokers. Since the mid-1970s, traditional Western-type cheap cigarettes have been consumed at a higher rate than papirossi discount cigarettes, and this trend is increasing in the 1990s.In July 1992, the American tobacco company R. J. Reynolds bought controlling interest in the Uritsky Tobacco Factory in St. Petersburg where the cheap Belomorkanal cigarette brand was manufactured and formed the RJR-Petro Tobacco Factory. Belomorkanal cigarettes are also very popular as pre-rolled papers for marijuana joints, a fashion similar to the North American practice of creating blunts. Papirosi style cigarettes smoke are rolled between the index finger and thumb to remove the tobacco, and refilled with marijuana.