• City Of Racine To Ban Smoking In City Parks
  • City of Racine officials are taking the smoking cigarettes ban to a whole new level. The City of Racine Board of Health voted to ban smoking cigarettes in city parks and other outdoor recreational areas. The idea is getting mixed reactions even from the non-smokers.

    The board voted to ban smoking cigarettes at all City of Racine municipal recreation areas with few exceptions. Racine resident Theresa Parrott came to the park with her daughter Rachael and thinks the ban will help kids make better choices. She said, "I don't think that this would be an area where people should be smoking cigarettes in, because children pick up what they see."

    The proposed ban is similar to one in New York and would expand Racine's current ban which prohibits smoking cigarettes in city buildings and vehicles.

    The state's nearly year old smoking cigarettes ban prohibits smoking cigarettes in enclosed places such as taverns and bowling alleys.

    Racine resident Christine Gardy-Miller says she's personally opposed to smoking cigarettes. Like her, Done Warren thinks the proposal has a hint of big brother too. "If you don't' want to be around people that smoke, go somewhere else. I mean why should smokers lose their rights," he said.

    So where should smokers smoke? Racine resident Norma Cortese believes they should keep it to their home or just outside of their house.

    The recommended ban now goes before the Racine City Council for final approval. The recommended fine would be up to $100 for the first violation and $200 for a second offense.