• Copper Door Cited For Violating State Smoking Ban
  • Local television reporters could be seen shooting footage outside the Copper Door Tuesday after the news broke that the Westland bar had the dubious honor of being the first establishment closed for violating Michigan's ban on smoking cigarettes inside public buildings.

    The Wayne County Health Department ordered the bar, located on Inkster Road just south of Joy, closed for 24 hours after a health official spotted a patron smoking cigarettes at the bar Friday evening.

    County health officials reported receiving a phone call and letters complaining about smoking cigarettes inside the Copper Door before the inspector visited and issued the violation that closed the bar.

    Bar owner Cindy Snider didn't respond to a request for comments about the citation which, in addition to the closing, carries a fine.

    A sign on the entrance to the bar reads, “Unfortunately the legal right to smoke cigarettes in this bar has been taken away, so by law we must post this” with a smoke-free logo and frowning faces.

    The sign goes on: “Thanks for nothing, State of Michigan lawmakers. Now it'll be even tougher for a business to survive in Michigan.”

    The Michigan Department of Community Health released a survey at the end of May showing local health departments recorded 1,126 complaints of smoking cigarettes in bars, restaurants and bowling alleys since the ban took effect May 1, 2010.

    Citations were issued in 101 cases, and two establishments were ordered closed until they complied with the law.