• New Yorkers Cut Back On Smoking
  • Fewer New Yorkers are smoking cigarettes or sipping on sugary drinks, but an increasing number of gay men aren't using condoms, new Health Department data show.

    The report card shows how much progress the Bloomberg administration has made toward its health goals for 2012, an effort called Take Care New York.

    Yesterday's update shows residents have made improvements in many areas between 2007 and 2009, including a 7% drop in the number of smokers, a 12% nosedive in the number of New Yorkers who consume one or more sugar-laden drinks daily and a nearly 3% decrease in teen pregnancies.

    Still, there were setbacks.

    There was a 6% dip in the number of gay men regularly using condoms during sex and a 14% jump in the number of people with psychological problems who failed to get treatment.

    And the gap between low-income families living in bad housing conditions compared to wealthier families who did remained stubbornly high.

    The report also shows the city, in some areas, has a lot of work to do to meet its goals by next year.