• Smoker Burned When Cigarette Falls Onto Gas-soaked Car Mat
  • A Genesee County man suffered minor burns in a vehicle fire in Pembroke yesterday afternoon.

    Anthony Piazza, 20, of Pembroke told Genesee County sheriff’s deputies that he dropped a lighted cigarette onto a floor mat in his car after gasoline had spilled in the car. The incident caused a vehicle fire around 2:30 p.m., deputies said.

    Piazza suffered minor burns to his arms and legs and was treated at the scene, deputies said.

    Piazza yesterday drove to a gas station, filled a can with gasoline and took the full can back to his home on Pratt Road. He reportedly placed the can in the back seat of his car and some gasoline leaked onto the floor mat, deputies said.

    Piazza told deputies that he was attempting to open a window in the car when a lighted cigarette fell out of his mouth, onto the floor mat and sparked the fire.

    Piazza’s car and a second vehicle parked in the driveway were damaged in the fire, deputies said. The fire also melted some siding on a nearby residence, deputies said.